Fund Description & Process


Asian Franchise Fund

  • Unique Strategy – The first Franchise focused Fund for Asia

  • Best of Breed  – Long only Quality, No Leverage, No Hidden Downside Risk

  • Successful Global Comparable – A number of highly successful funds investing in global franchises

  • Fundamental based – Stringent quantitative screening and analysis

  • Time tested – 10-year data-worth of back-testing result + over 4 years of track record

  • Proven skill sets – Investment led by award-winning fund manager

  • Established Library – Over 150 researched Asian franchises

  • The Right Place – Asia, the growth engine of the world, presents is ripe for franchise investing

  • The Right Time – Asia is waking up to the value of Franchise, often becomes the takeover targets of MNC

This is a long-only, unleveraged fund investing in listed equities and equity related securities in Asia ex-Japan region. The Fund is incorporated in the Cayman Islands.


Investment Process -- No Black Box

1.  A disciplined process to screen out Investible Universe

How: Quantitatively screen for companies with specific parameters to arrive at investible universe of approximately 200 stocks.


2.  Assess Risk

How: Assess ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) factors including   ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) issues with proprietary ERM Questionnaire.


3.  Select companies with dominant & durable competitive advantages and strong shareholder's value creation ability

How: Apply our FV (Franchise Value) analysis to Rank strength and expected duration of competitive advantage. Assess growth, return and risk parameters.


4.  Ongoing Portfolio and Risk Management

How: Manage beta and volatility at portfolio level, rebalance stock weightings, and set strict limit on liquidity days per stock